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Weekly Lenten Reflection from our Spiritual Director, Roxane Angotta

March 10, 2021
Weekly Lenten Reflection from our Spiritual Director, Roxane Angotta

My reflection this week will be focusing on the spiritual renewal of our Spirit. Lent is a time to turn away from those things that distract us from the Lord. We can ask to be open, detach from ourselves, so He can draw us closer to Him. I pray, Lord detach me from myself, so I can give my all to you.

I had been distracted from the Lord, detached from Him and my faith. I had not been practicing my faith, nor attending church for 15 years. But in 1987, while I was at my lowest point, I had experienced a spiritual conversion, a spiritual renewal of the Holy Spirit. I came to realize that God loved me and forgave me for all my sins. I surrendered my will and asked the Lord to change my heart. I allowed myself to be open to the love and will of God and began a personal relationship with Him. At that moment, I became a new person, a new creation in Christ! I experienced a joy like no other!  

This spiritual renewal is not just a one-time thing. Lent gives us an opportunity, a time we can look at ourselves and reflect on where we are spiritually and how we can grow closer to him. I like to do this by using the 10 commandments toe examine my conscience and go to confession to repent of my sins. It is also a time when we can be reminded of our need for God. A prayer that I prayed when I began my closer walk with the Lord was the Serenity Prayer: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

My mom’s funeral was one month ago today. As I continue to grieve, I am praying that same prayer, reminding me of how much I need the Lord.  God grant me the serenity to accept her death because I cannot change it. Give me the courage to go on and have patience with my dad, who is having memory issues, and is having a hard time with his own grieving process.  Please help me to rely on you, focus on your love and give me wisdom to deal with all that must be done.  

Statues and saints are reminders of women and men who intercede for us. Not all Christians pray to the saints, but as a Catholic they have been very helpful for me. Keeping with the theme of Holy Women of the bible, I think one of the holiest of Holy is Our Blessed Mother Mary. I have a devotion to her and pray and ask for her intercession. I see her as my spiritual mother. Although Mary knew she could not change her son’s destiny, she maintained her humility, unwavering faith and trust in God. She never turned from it and she was blessed. God gave her the courage and strength to endure Jesus’ death and the wisdom to know that she would see Him again at his resurrection. Because of my faith and trust in God, I too am given the same reminder that I will see my mom when I get to heaven. This brings me comfort as I know it did for the Blessed Mother.

I am open to Hearing God’s voice, to look for it and ask for it. Are you open to God’s voice in your life? Will you seek Him every day during this Lent? If we do hear God, will we surrender our will and be obedient to what he asks of us? Will we turn away from distractions? Will we listen and act to grow closer to him? I pray that you will hear God’s voice, feel His unconditional love for you and be willing to surrender your will to allow Him to walk with you and draw you closer to Him during your Lenten journey.

God Bless you!



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