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Our Summer Newsletter 2022

August 3, 2022
Our Summer Newsletter 2022

I hope you have been enjoying these weeks of summer.

At Malta House, we have been "humming along" and settling in since moving to our new home last November.

--We have celebrated new life, birthdays, graduations, baby showers, new jobs, and new apartments.

--We had a beautiful memorial for one of our former mothers, who sadly passed away in December.

--We celebrated the baptism of one of our newest little ones, baby Bodhi.

--A generous family built us a raised bed vegetable garden after a year of planning.

--A local business sponsored a volunteer day for their employees and spent the day planting annuals throughout our property.

--We circled a mom in our collective arms after she sadly experienced a miscarriage.

--Several babies took their first breath, some took their first steps, and others made their first friends...all surrounded by enough love to make your heart burst.

All the "stuff of life" happens in our home, and we are here for it all...all because you care.

What greater gift is there than that?

Wishing you a safe, relaxing, and happy summer, celebrating all that the season has to offer, and all the gifts and celebrations taking place in your special home.

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