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Malta House Recently Published its FY2021 Annual Report

Malta House Recently Published its FY2021 Annual Report

This year we at Malta House experienced a continued year of change all around us – a continuing global pandemic, the completion of a multi-year capital project, and a move into our new home.

Throughout it all, you remained standing beside us.

As you will read in the pages following, we’ve achieved remarkable accomplishments in the past year.

From “Closing the Gap” in our “Growing the Mission” MH2 Capital Campaign effort to diligently working to showcase our new home to the community with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and summer of tours – we acted boldly to spread the word of our work and grow our family of supporters.

But even more critical than all these accomplishments are that we saved even more moms and babies. Together, we helped them on the path to self-sufficiency and independence despite all the changes and challenges.

With you beside us, we remain steadfast, if not even more dedicated to our mission.

This year, with all the changes, we remain grateful to you, our generous donors, for seeing us through these difficult times. As we look to the future, Malta House hopes to have your continued support so we reach even more women and babies, expanding our capacity in our new home with 50% more residential space, increasing the number of rooms from 10 to 15 and allowing us to serve mothers including those with more than one child.

This is our time – Malta House’s time. Together, let us change our “little” world.

I invite you to download a copy of our Annual Report to read all the outcomes that you made possible, if not for you. You may download your copy here.

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