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Happy Father's Day

June 19, 2022
Happy Father's Day

Dear Malta House Friends, 

While we at Malta House focus on our mothers and babies, Father's Day reminds us of the importance of those who serve as fathers in our lives. 

Particularly, let our thoughts turn to St. Joseph and how he lived fatherhood as a vocation knowing that children are entrusted to us by God. 

Joseph, himself was unexpectedly called to fatherhood amid difficult circumstances. But despite all obstacles, he was faithful. He welcomed life, offering care and protection to Mary and Jesus.

Just as St. Joseph played a pivotal role in Jesus's life and ministry, so too do fathers today. Let us take this opportunity to focus on how important fathers are in our families and communities. 

Just like in the days of Joseph, fathers are called in a unique way to reflect God's unconditional love. They play an irreplaceable role in their children's lives and are responsible for welcoming God's gift of new life. 

Today, however, fathers are facing many challenges. But what we know is that having fathers as positive role models can make all the difference in the lives of their children. 

We at Malta House are blessed to have father role models who support our moms and demonstrate that motherhood is a gift, but not one that must be faced alone – even when the fathers of their babies are not healthy supports. 

So, our thoughts turn to all those fathers in our lives both at Malta House and in each of our homes for their significant role today and each day. 

Let us remember St. Joseph and be grateful for: 

  • Our fathers, by birth or adoption, who love and support us through life.
  • Those who may not be our fathers but have helped guide and nurture us.
  • And God our Father, who will continually teach us and grant us boundless mercy. 

Let us never minimize the importance of men and fathers in our society. Let us pray to St. Joseph that he may lead these men and be an example to them so they may have the courage to fulfill the role that God has entrusted to them.

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