Malta House 2017 O’Rourke Invitational Golf Marathon

In support of Malta House’s great mission, we are preparing for our Golf Marathon, which will take place from sun-up to sundown at Innis Arden Golf Club on October 2nd. Players will attempt to play 100+ holes of golf, and we are asking for your support! While this promises to be a long day, it is a tangible reminder of the challenges faced by a woman who is homeless and pregnant, and with your generous support, we can continue to meet these challenges.

So that non-golfers can also get involved, we are also hosting a mini-golf “mini-thon” at Norwalk Cove Marina miniature golf course. Our goals are not as ambitious — we will be playing 2 rounds (36 holes), but we hope to do our share to raise funds for the mothers and babies of Malta House.

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We welcome your help in providing Hope for Life as our Malta House family continues to grow.